Interfaith Outreach & Community Partners Sleep Out 2015

Removing Housing Barriers

Removing Employment Barriers

Removing Education Barriers

20 Years Together…for 20 Years – just think of it – this amazing community has helped stabilize 8,679 families! Investing in IOCP families is the right thing to do. It is also the fiscally smart thing to do. A county shelter stay for a family of four can cost $3,900 per month. Keeping a family in their existing home for a month costs IOCP $747. See what we mean? Every donation to the Sleep Out makes a difference. It helps with rent, groceries, finding a job, paying for preschool, and a means to get to work. Together…we’re unbeatable! Examples of How Your Support Impacts Lives:

  • $10,000 provides essential case management for 25 families each year
  • $2,200 moves a family from crises to stability
  • $747 keeps a family of four in housing for a month
  • $500 pays for technical training for career development
  • $100 pays for two days of early childhood education to prepare a preschooler for kindergarten
  • $50 fills a tank of gas to keep a family moving

A gift of any amount will create hope for a struggling family in our community.